HR Café

In alignment with our ‘Transformation’ pillar and building on our learnings of key issues hindering women’s participation in the workforce, the HR Café came to light as a service that we offer businesses to help them foster a more inclusive environment for women. The HR Café consists of 6-7 online sessions during which like-minded professionals connect and exchange experiences, knowledge, and best practices, with the aim of:

  • Explore the foundation level of what could be hindering both the adoption and inclusion of a gender-diverse workforce.
  • Exchange ideas and best practices on how to efficiently ensure women’s inclusion in the workplace and increase their participation and representation in leadership positions.
  • Create a network of reliable, like-minded HR professionals as change agents and cultural transformers within their organizations.
  • Refine and develop the corporate internal environment through cultural change, resource mobilization, and entrepreneurial thinking
  • Inspire action by presenting success stories of transformation led by others

Each institution may nominate a senior executive to represent them, either from the HR department, CEOs or owners, or executive leaders from other departments related to change management and talent growth.

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