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A groundbreaking initiative by the Center for Inclusive Business and Leadership for Women that tracks the recruitment, retention, and promotion of women in the Arab MENA region. This regional data-driven index, covering 11 countries, offers both quantitative and qualitative insights into HR practices and women's experiences in the workplace.

Join us in driving change! Access the KIP Index for evidence-based recommendations and contribute to gender-inclusive workplaces. [Explore KIP Index.]

"Empowering Women in Jordan's Economy: Formal Policies on Recruitment Retention and Promotion""

Explore our white paper, offering a comprehensive overview of Jordan's labor laws and regulations from the civil service bureau and social security departments that shape the landscape for women's economic participation. Delve into the pivotal roles of the Jordanian National Commission for Women and the Inter-Ministerial Committee in influencing legislative amendments. Discover ongoing legislative developments and sector-specific insights, providing a valuable resource for understanding and enhancing women's contribution to the formal economy in Jordan. [Read More]

Authored by Razan Haddad, Project Coordinator

Explore our collaborative initiative with the Embassy of Sweden, focusing on women's empowerment in Karak, Madaba, and Jerash. Uncover key challenges faced by local women and recommendations for mitigation plans. This insightful project engaged diverse participants, including business owners, potential women in business, entrepreneurs, and young women. [Read More]

Explore the collaborative research of the LEAP Project, conducted in partnership with INJAZ Jordan, CBIE, and Ryerson University, generously funded by the Government of Canada. With the valuable support of the Business and Professional Women Association, this research focuses on tackling high female unemployment rates and improving the overall work environment for women in Jordan. Additionally, dive into the detailed "Situational and Stakeholder Identification Analysis" within the report, uncovering insights into current attitudes, barriers, and recommendations aimed at fostering inclusivity and empowerment. [Learn more.]



Setting Up B2B Contacts

Offers companies key terms, steps for initial contact building, a company profile checklist, and tips for successful trade fair participation in optimizing B2B networking strategies.

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Export Mini-Guide

The Export Mini-Guide covers common questions on exporting processes, terms, marketing strategies, market access requirements, and documentation for a concise resource on international trade.

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Gender Mainstreaming Guide

This guideline, a result of the LEAP Project (Launching Economic Achievement Program), aims to assist enterprises of various sizes in recognizing their requirements for gender equality and mainstreaming.

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