Membership Committee

The membership committee's main objective is to endorse BPWA membership packages, focusing on attracting eligible individuals to join the influential network while also encouraging existing members to increase their involvement and participation

Membership Committee Members

 Fundraising Committee 

The Fundraising Committee is dedicated to strategizing and implementing effective fundraising initiatives to support the organization's mission and projects. The committee aims to raise financial resources through diverse channels, such as events, sponsorships, grants, and donor campaigns, in order to empower women and advance their professional and personal growth. With a focus on financial sustainability, the committee seeks to cultivate meaningful relationships with donors and sponsors, ensuring a steady flow of funds to drive BPWA's impactful programs and initiatives.

Fundraising Committee Members

Social Activity & Events Committee 

The Social Activity & Events Committee plans and executes diverse social activities and events for members, fostering a vibrant community. These include networking mixers, workshops, seminars, social gatherings, and community outreach to enhance member satisfaction, strengthen connections, and promote a positive environment. The committee aims to foster a vibrant and supportive community among BPWA members by creating opportunities for networking, collaboration, and personal growth

Social Committee Members

Youth Committee

The establishment of the Youth Committee is a significant and valuable initiative aimed at increasing youth participation and engagement in BPWA activities and programs. The establishment of a youth committee has evolved into an essential component of the Business and Professional Women Association model. As a result, this committee will be responsible for assisting in the design, development, and implementation of youth activities that serve to pave their development journey and leverage their knowledge to enhance and actualize their dreams 

Members of youth committees