About Us

Our Story

"We are here for the passionate women who believe in the power of their dreams."

In 2003, a group of pioneering women in Jordan founded BPWA to support women in business and leadership roles. Affiliated with the International Federation of Business and Professional Women, we are part of a global network. 

Today, BPWA, a membership-based, non-profit organization, carries out this mission on the belief that increased women's participation is key to a stronger national economy.  We have come a long way since then. But despite the progress, there's more work ahead.

Our Philosophy

Our guiding philosophy is rooted in the conviction that the combined efforts of a collective unleash boundless potential. We firmly believe that elevated gender participation not only boosts overall productivity but also enhances the competitiveness of our national economy.

Our Vision

BPWA aspires to become an integral contributor to the prosperity and wellbeing of the Jordanian society, business and professional communities. This is accomplished through diverse developmental programs focused on enhancing the quality of women's participation in the workforce.

Our mission

We are committed to opening pathways and providing platforms for women in Jordan to contribute to our national economy and society overall. We achieve this through a range of comprehensive services that empower women to improve their skills, connect with successful peers, access coaching and training, and implement strategies for a balanced integration of their professional and personal lives.

Our values

are shared by anyone joining our efforts, and it stands to all that we hold these value as non-changing tenets; they are our true north that give us direction

How we work

 Headquartered in the capital Amman, with a wide reach across Jordan, BPWA paves the
 way for women in Jordan through its 3 Core Pillars for sustainable development

Business Growth

Helping women entrepreneurs and business owners accelerate their business formation by providing them with access to knowledge, financing, and networking opportunities.

Career Development

Empowering early-career women to discover and fulfill their potential. We also assist seasoned professionals in enhancing their capabilities for career success.


Advocating women's inclusion, eliminating workplace bias, and providing business solutions. Our programs drive a positive cultural shift, encouraging successful entry into the workforce for both women and men, fostering effective contributions to the economy.

The women behind it all

Our strength lies in our diversified community of business and professional women. BPWA members represent different sectors, industries and businesses. We come from different backgrounds of varied interests and age groups and we strive to support each other at all times

Board of Directors

Our Team

Thana’a Al-Khasawneh

Executive Director

Hikmat Sulaiman

Senior Project Coordinator

Afnan Barqawi

Project Manager

Yasmeen Ghantous

Senior Marketing & Communcations Coordinator

Yara Abdallat

Marketing and Communications Officer

Leen Jebril

Project Officer - Wexport Lead

Tala Habashneh

Engagement and Relationship Coordinator

Layan Al-Bust

Operation Officer

Pioneering founders