BPWA Coaching &Mentorship platform: “6 Steps to a Better Business” Seminar

Date/Time: 20 August 2016,10:00AM -1:00PM

         A 4-series workshop, conducted by BPWA’s member Manar Al-Dina - a Certified Business Coach & Action Coach Franchise Owner & Director in Jordan.

         About BPWA member Manar Al Dina:

        Manar a Jordanian-Canadian Certified Business Coach, Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Certified Trainer, NLP Life Coach, Writer and Mentor, works with business owners who posses a vision, a high level of commitment and a passion to drive their business over the top, and provides them with proven practices, systems and processes; to identify, resolve, and unlock their business growth challenges, to then be able to maximize their growth and reach their full potential.