Tareeki Inspirational Platform

We at the Business and Professional Women Association- Amman (BPWA) strongly believe in the significant role influence and inspiration play in leveraging people’s capabilities and ambitions.

Pursuant to this thought, in 2016, the Business and Professional Women Association- Amman launched Tareeki (my journey) platform, where successful women viewed as role models share their inspirational experiences and success stories.

Annual series of events take place to open people’s eyes to new possibilities and opportunities by allowing them to transcend their ordinary experiences and limitations to propel a person from apathy to possibility, and to transform the way we perceive our own capabilities. Up until 2018, Tareeki has hosted 25 prominent ladies of different backgrounds and showcased their success stories to a diverse audience.

The Business and Professional Women Association- Amman is determined to make Tareeki platform one of the leading platforms that help and guide Jordanian women of different age categories and backgrounds to fully utilize their unique energies and talents paving their way into increasing the percentage of women’s contribution in the Jordanian economy.