Inspiring Young Women to Join the Workforce


The “Inspiring Young Women to Join the Workforce” project aims at connecting professional female role models with Jordanian young people, to inspire, encourage and increase Jordanian females’ participation in the workforce.

The project consists of two main components; “Tareeki- My Journey” roadshows and “Internship program” which will work on inspiring and motivating young females to join the workforce and developing a positive cultural shift and mindset change for both genders towards females’ enrollment in the national workforce. In addition, internship opportunities will be provided to female students and fresh graduates along with professional mentorship to guide the students in their career paths which will ultimately increase females’ participation in the workforce.

BPWA strongly believes in the significant role influence and inspiration play in leveraging people’s capabilities and ambitions. Pursuant to this thought, in 2016, BPWA launched “Tareeki- My Journey” platform, where successful women viewed as role models from different governorates in Jordan share their inspirational success stories to help and guide Jordanian women of different age categories and backgrounds to fully utilize their unique energies and talents paving their way into increasing the percentage of women’s contribution in the Jordanian economy. BPWA plans to expand its existing “Tareeki-My Journey” platform into roadshows to reach different governorates outside Amman with a special focus on youth.