Ghada Saba

Ghada's first foray into the industry was assistant director of the late Egyptian film director, Youssef Chahine, who was considered a legend in his own time for touching upon risqué subject-matter in his films.
In 2004, Saba returned to Amman determined to lay the groundwork for the emergence of a genuine film industry in Jordan where she founded No Budget Films (NBF), a film production company aimed at helping aspiring young filmmakers to find their way.

In 2005, NBF launched a phenomenal biannual march called ‘The Walk’, wherein film industry professionals from across the Arab world would gather in Jordan to stage a walk and underscore the importance of media and cinema to further the region’s social and political causes.

Saba is Jordan’s very first cinema director, who has worked tirelessly to encourage other aspiring filmmakers to follow suit. As a woman, she has boldly defied convention and gender-related norms.