Mayyada Abu Jaber

Mayyada was the founding CEO of the Jordan EFE, where she started the first demand-driven training program.

By working with multi-donor organizations and private sector, Mayyada trained and employed over 3000 marginalized youth.  More recently, she was selected as a Brookings Institution ECHIDNA global scholar to evaluate the gender bias in the national Jordanian curriculum. As a result, Mayyada set-up the JoWomenomics initiative to change mind-sets towards women entry into the workforce. 

Earlier in her career, Mayyada contributed to the Education Reform for Knowledge Economy at the Jordanian Ministry of Education, where she developed the Management Information Stream (MIS) curriculum and the MIS e-content.  Mayyada is a trusted advisor and thought leader and her work was featured at the WISE, Clinton Global Initiative, Al Jazeera and CNN. She had also worked as a consultant at Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah’s office.