Jordanian women talk about their success stories in Tareeki 5 Inspirational Platform

Amman, Aug. 8 (Petra) - Minister of Social Development, Hala Lattouf, Tuesday spoke about her personal and professional experiences in an event organized by the "Tareeki [ My Journey]" platform sponsored by the Business and Professional Women Association- Amman (BPWA).

Lattouf said that she is a part of a middle class family, and the effort she put into her studying was what earned her a scholarship to study abroad and obtain her Master's degree. 

"Working at the Social Development Ministry for a long time has allowed me to witness pain and joy at the same time," the Minister stated. "The ministry deals with many poor families and vulnerable groups in society."

"Dealing with people's pain everyday is hard, however it taught me to sympathize with them not by shedding tears but by being strong enough to help them solve their problems," Lattouf added.

Minister of Public Sector Development, Majd Shweikeh, talked about her experiences and how she obtained a first class Honours Bachelor of Science in Finance from Yarmouk University, assumed top positions in different local and regional companies, founded her own company, assumed her position at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, and her current position at the Ministry of Public Sector Development.

Shweikeh stressed that perseverance, will, knowledge, determination to succeed, ambition, and passion to achieve, are important features in achieving success and professional and personal development.

Among the women who shared their experience was psychologist, Dr. Lana Al-Mubayed, who said that she faced many challenges, but her ambition and the support she received from her family made her a distinguished and outstanding "soldier" in her professional and academic career.

The law prohibits noncommissioned officers from obtaining a Master's degree, but "I became the first noncommissioned officer with a Master's degree, with support from my superior," Al-Mubayed stated.

The BPWA is determined to make Tareeki platform one of the leading platforms that help and guide Jordanian women of different age categories and backgrounds to fully utilize their unique energies and talents paving their way for increasing the percentage of women’s contribution in the Jordanian economy.

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