The Business and Professional Women Association – Amman (BPWA) was established in 1976 by a group of pioneering women, the Business and Professional Women Association – Amman (BPWA) is a non-profit dedicated to opening pathways and creating platforms for women in business to move beyond barriers and utilize their unique energies ... More >

Aug12 "Tareeki" Platform -منصة طريقي

Date: 12 August 6-8 PM Location: Bank al Etihad's Auditorium- Shme... .. Show more

May02 إلهام الشابات للإلتحاق بسوق العمل" - جامعة اليرموك"

 Date: 2 May 2017, 12:00 AM- 1:00 PM Location: Yarmouk University .. Show more

General Assembly Meeting 2017 اجتماع اله...
5/13/2017 6:18:00 AM

13-May-2017/ Sheraton Amman Al Nabil Hotel

إلهام الشابات للإلتحاق بسوق العمل"- جامع...
4/18/2017 3:00:00 AM

18-April-2017/  جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا الأردنية   

Lana Muasher
Lana Muasher

Lana is an Early Childhood Specialist.

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